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Tugs can be equipped with different types of fenders - each one serves for a particular application.

Bow fenders

They are placed to the bow / stern of the tug, commonly used during tugging by pushing ships with flare bow and in the open sea conditions.

M-shaped fender, W-shaped fender

They provide a large contact surface to reduce pressure on the hull. Wavy surfaces provide excellent grip.

Onboard fender D-shaped bar

D-shaped fenders are often used for side framing with fender bars to protect the ship during maneuvering and berthing.

Square fender C-shaped and D-shaped bars

They are used on the dock and berths for small ships; they are used as guide piles for  self-floating structures.

Modular fenders for tugboats

Modular fenders are oriented for hard usage and made for heavy loads. They are used in tows.