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"Transtechnology" Co Ltd has been working successfully since 2005 and has established itself as a reliable supplier of general mechanical rubber goods for ships and berths.

We manufacture and supply:

  • Berth fenders of different diameters; we develop and produce fender bars according to our customer drawings. The products are manufactured according to Standard ТУ 22.19.73-002-30867179-2017, of high-quality rubber compound. The main purpose of such fenders is to protect berths and provide a convenient ship approach and berthing.
  • Arched fender devices
  • Fender protection for tugs. Fenders for tugs operate in more severe conditions and longer than other types of fenders. Tugs may be equipped with various types of fenders - each type is used for a particular application.
  • Bow fenders. They are placed to the bow / stern of the tug, commonly used during tugging by pushing ships with flare bow and in the open sea conditions.
  • W-shaped fender, M-shaped fender. They provide a large contact surface to reduce pressure on the hull. Wavy surfaces provide excellent grip.
  • Onboard fender D-shaped bar. D-shaped fenders are often used for side framing with fender bars to protect the ship during maneuvering and berthing.
  • Square fender C-shaped and D-shaped bars. They are used on the dock and berths for small ships; they are used as guide piles for  self-floating structures.
  • Modular fenders. Modular fenders are oriented for hard usage and made for heavy loads.
  • Solid rubber fender bar. Mechanical rubber goods perfectly protect the hull of water transport vehicle from damage during berthing. Facing an attack, fender bar distributes the load evenly, softening the blow and excludes high pressures of small area which is extremely dangerous for the hull.
  • Rubber profiles. Rubber profiles are widely used in almost all branches of industry. They are used as sealant for windows, doors etc.

The experts of  "Transtechnology" Co Ltd are attentive to each order. We will develop for you convenient delivery of our goods with optimal , the optimal customer response time and price. Depending on size of the order there are discounts.